Getting started


Views and routes


SQL queries

Sessions and security



Framework installation and launch

  1. Download MV and uzip the archive. Open "config/setup.php" file and select the type of "DbEngine" database. Default value is "sqlite", the database itself is located in "userfiles/database/sqlite/database.sqlite". When installing on the working server such server should have enough rights for this file and its folder to make write operations. To use MySQL database specify "mysql", then update the settings for access to MySQL server and database name which should be created in advance. After that, upload the default MySQL dump from "userfiles/database/mysql-dump.txt".
  2. Also in "config/setup.php" we specify "MainPath" parameter - url to project from the root folder of the server. On production server you usually put "/", and on local server (if the project is not in the root folder) – you indicate the path from root to project, for example "/projects/test/".
  3. The same way you should specify "RewriteBase" parameter in .htaccess file, which is located in the root of the project. If your project is not in the root folder, then you need to indicate "RewriteBase" as "/projects/test/" in .htaccess file.
  4. Specify a domain name into parameter "DomainName" (which is used for e-mail delivery and absolute links on the working server).
  5. Open a browser and enter a domain name (or http://localhost/projects/test/ for a local server) and if everything was done right, you will see a welcome page of MV framework .
  6. Administrator's section can be found by "/adminpanel/" link with a default login: "root" and password "root".
  7. The first User is a super user (Root with id=1). This user can't be deleted or blocked, and always has access to all modules of the system with no any limits.
  8. On working Linux server you should specify the rights as "write" for "userfiles" and "log" folders and it’s all nested folders. You need to specify "777" rights, or others depending on configuration of the server.

System update

Regularly the core and Admin Panel of MV are being updated to fix the issues and implement new features. In order to update the core of the working project, do the next steps:

  1. Download the latest version of MV framework.
  2. Go to the root of your project.
  3. Copy "adminpanel", "core" folders over the old ones. If the folder of Admin Panel was renamed, you need to update its content. In rare cases you need also to update "/config/autoload.php" file.

Changing the name of Admin Panel

To increase the confidentiality the folder of Admin Panel can be renamed to be available with a different link. To do this:

  1. Rename "adminpanel" folder.
  2. Change the value of "AdminFolder" option in "config/setup.php" file to the name of new folder.