Getting started


Views and routes


SQL queries

Sessions and security



Structure of project folders

There are following MV folders in the project’s root:

  • adminpanel - Admin Panel of the project, in this folder you don’t need to change anything, since it's a part of the system's core and it's regularly updated. You can rename the folder of Admin Panel, in this case you need to change the name of the folder and rename value of "AdminFolder" parameter in "config/setup.php" file.
  • config - settings of the project, fully described in this section.
  • core - classes of system core, together with Admin Panel folder ("adminpanel" by default) are the part of updated core of MV framework. For new updates of the system, download a newer version of these folders and copy them over the old ones.
  • customs - additions for Admin Panel and models, located in sub folders, "adminpanel" - additional files related to Admin Panel, described in this section, "emails" - templates for emails, "i18n" - extra translation files, "models" - files included into models section in Admin Panel, described in section about the tuning of models.
  • extra - additions for the system, such as captcha or any new specific library.
  • media - images, CSS and JavaScript files of the project.
  • models - classes of system models, described in General model principles section.
  • plugins - classes of system plugins, more details in General Plugins Principles.
  • userfiles - user’s files of the project, also contains the following sub folders "database" - SQLite database file and initial dump of MySQL database, "files", "images" - files uploaded via visual editor, "models" - model files, "tmp" - temporary files).
  • views - templates for webpages, when having large number of pages, it is recommended to create nested sub folders. More details about templates are in General Template Principles.

There are also index.php and .htaccess files in the root of the project to launch the system.