Getting started


Views and routes


SQL queries

Sessions and security




MV framework has been created with use of technologies as follows:

  • PHP 5 / 7
  • MySQL / SQLite
  • PDO
  • Swift Mailer
  • jQuery
  • jQuery UI
  • AJAX
  • Redactor (OEM license)

The libraries included in the core of MV are constantly being updated and included in newer versions of the framework. You can update your project by copying a last version of code over the working project. The process of core update is very easy and described here.

Technological features

  • Totally object-oriented approach
  • Auto-load of classes of models and plugins
  • No use of constants and global variables
  • Abstraction of database
  • An option to use different database engines (MySQL or SQLite)
  • Use of popular PHP patterns (Singleton, Active Record)
  • Updatable core and Admin Panel interface (reverse compatibility)