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MV object

MV object is being used to access models object and other functions on the frontend of the website.

Own properties (public):

  • $root_path - path (URL) the root of the website (on working domain usually "/"), defined in "config/setup.php" file
  • $media_path - path (URL) from root to folder "/media/"
  • $views_path - path (folder) from root of file system to folder with templates "/views/"
  • $include_path - path (folder) from root of file system to project, will be used for "include" and "require" functions
  • $domain - domain name from config file

These properties are closely connected with System settings section.

Own methods of $mv object:

  • redirect(), reload(), display404() - redirects to other pages inside the website, more details in Redirects section
  • checkUrlPart($index) - check URL for availability of requested part, more details in Object of Router class

Objects inside $mv object:

All active models are accessible in $mv object by their names (see samples).


//URLs to links  
<a id="logo" href="<? echo $mv -> root_path; ?>">
    <img src="<? echo $mv -> media_path; ?>images/logo.png" alt="Our company" />

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<? echo $mv -> media_path; ?>css/style.css" />
<script type="text/javascript" src="<? echo $mv -> media_path; ?>js/jquery.js"></script> 
//Include of template part 
include $mv -> views_path."main-header.php";
include $mv -> views_path."parts/left-column.php";
//Using built-in objects 
$mv -> registry -> getSetting("AdminPanelPath");
$mv -> db -> getCell("SELECT `email` FROM `users` WHERE `id`='236'");
//Models access 
echo $mv -> pages -> displayMenu(74);
$user = $mv -> users -> findRecord(array("email" => "", "active" => 1));
//Data from simple model 
echo $mv -> options -> topic;
//An alternative way to access data of simple model
$object = $mv -> options -> loadIntoRecord();
echo $object -> topic;