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Purpose: multiline text, HTML layout
Field type in SQL table: "text", "longtext"

Additional parameters

Purpose: adding of visual editor for html formatting of the content
Possible values: "true", "false"
By default: false

Purpose: height of text area or the visual editor (when the option of "rich_text" is turned on), in pixels
Possible values: integer, the positive, nonzero
By default: 100 for normal text area and 200 for the visual editor

Purpose: by default text fields aren't displayed in admin interface in the table of records (since they have long length). If it is necessary to turn on the display of this field in the list, you need to set this parameter as an integer number. This number will be the maximum length of the string (the rest will be trimmed off).
Possible values: integer, the positive, nonzero
By default: false

Purpose: cleaning the html code after visual editor (deleting extra spaces and sequences)
Possible values: "true", "false"
By default: true

"images_path", "files_path"
Purpose: the folder to save images and files uploaded through the visual editor (should be located inside "/userfiles/" folder)
Possible values: a string path like "userfiles/..."
By default: false

Purpose: gives a possibility to redefine a method of html code generation in admin panel for this field. The method should be defined in the current model, the cell value from database will be passed as a function parameter.
Possible values: string type like "nameOfMethod"
By default: false


array("Comments", "text", "comment")

array("Content", "text", "content", array("rich_text" => true))

array("Description", "text", "item_description", array("rich_text" => true, 
                                                       "height" => 400, 
                                                       "show_in_admin" => 70))

array("Brief description", "text", "description", array("images_path" => "userfiles/storage/"))

array("Shop order content", "text", "order_products", array("display_method" => "displayOrder"))

//Method definition for the last sample. It will show in admin panel the details or order.
class Orders extends Model

    public function displayOrder($value)
        //Processing the data of $value

        return $html;