Version History

Version 2.1


  • PHP 7 friendly.
  • Improved CSRF tokens for admin panel.
  • Completely removed uploadify, now regular input is used for multiple images upload.
  • Adde ability for unique values for enum type fields.
  • Improved Router performance.
  • Added strongRandomString method into Service class for generating tokens.

Version 2.0


  • Completely renovated Admin Panel interface.
  • Admin Panel design themes added.
  • Data types small errors fixed.
  • Improved many to many data type in filtering.
  • Improved methods isMobile() and isTablet().
  • Improved method composeMessage() for creating form messages.
  • Reworked Cache module.
  • Updated SwiftMailer libriary.
  • Added ability to get week days names in i18n.
  • Added method clearTable() to clean model table.
  • New methods to add and remove filters for models.

Version 1.8


  • Zero value bug fix in "char" and "phone" datatypes.
  • Improved "isMobile()" method for mobile phones detection.
  • Added "isTablet()" method for tablet detection.
  • Bug fixed in "composeMessage()" method of form values display.
  • Recycle bin clearing is improved in admin panel.
  • Visual Editor updated.
  • New methods added into router.
  • Bug fixed in comment in "multi_images" datatype.
  • Zimezones setting improved.
  • Ajax requests processing in admin panel was improved.
  • Method "translitUrl()" to create nice urls was improved.

Version 1.7


  • Improved quick edit in Admin Panel.
  • Visual Editor updated.
  • Bulk operation with numbers added in Admin Panel.
  • Empty recycle bin button added in Admin Panel.
  • Improved URL processing in router (all regular expressions removed).
  • Email templates added.
  • Fixed bug of float numbers in CSV uploading.

Version 1.6


  • New version of Visual Editor.
  • All major libraries are updated.
  • Quick edits of table records in Admin Panel.
  • Export/import of .csv data format via Admin Panel added
  • Error fix in mass upload through Uploadify in Google Chrome
  • Cache module added.
  • Error fix in Admin Panel search.

Version 1.35


  • Error fix in File Manager
  • A new option for double sorting is added into SQL query constructor for MySQL
  • A new option to add watermark to images is added.
  • An improved autoloader of models classes and plugins.

Version 1.31


  • Error fix in uploading images via Visual Editor.
  • An improved search mechanism in Admin Panel.
  • An option added to mark several fields of “order” type for one model.
  • New __get() and __set() methods are added for the forms and simple models.
  • Admin Panel compatibility with newer versions of browsers.
  • Small errors fix in the core.

Version 1.15


  • An option to change the rules and messages upon form fields validation.
  • Small errors fix in Admin Panel
  • Errors fix in the bin of deleted records
  • An improved algorithm of data loading from a model to the form

Version 1.0


  • afterUpdate() method’s error fix in mass editing of records
  • New options for pagination added.