MV (model view) framework represents the programming frame with an open source code for websites and application development. It is being distributed on free BSD license. MV is relating to web frameworks for website content management that allows to classify it as CMF (Content Management Framework).

The framework is written in PHP using strictly object-oriented approach. One of distinctive features is an automatic generation of Admin Panel where it is easy to manage the modules of the project. MV is easy to install on the server with LAMP architecture, with the possibility to use BSDM SQLite as a database system.

Unlike the popular MVC pattern, the controller in MV is simplified to the maximum and transferred into a template. The choice of the template to be included is managed by a Router.

No use of constants and global variables, all the settings are passed via Registry object which is built on Singleton pattern. Classes of models and plugins are automatically loaded into the system when needed.

Design, coding, programming

Website development on MV goes through the standard cycle in the beginning of which the design will be drawn, then HTML template will be coded, after that it will be converted into the CMS. The difference of coding under MV is that system doesn’t limit HTML templates. It is recommended to code valid pages using "divs" that will positively affect on website rendering in different browsers.


  • Quick adding of new fields into modules
  • Speed and simplicity of PHP templates
  • Constructor of Forms and SQL Queries
  • Automatic generation of Admin Panel
  • Static URLs
  • Easy for team work